Safety Checks/Servicing

As a Landlord you have a legal requirement to maintain your rental property to a safe standard. You are required by law to obtain a valid gas safety check (CP12) every 12 months for every gas appliance in the property 

We offer an in house comprehensive fully managed and coordinated Landlord Gas Check Service. Our systems are designed to offer total flexibility and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements

As part of the safety check we can also include smoke detector, co detector and legionella testing if required 

We currently complete in excess of 30,000 safety checks annually and have successfully achieved 100% compliance for two of our major clients 




To ensure the continued health, efficiency and correct operation of your boiler, manufacturers now stipulate that an appliance must have a yearly service in order for any warranty to remain valid.


We recommend a full service every 12 months. Our engineers will carry out a full inspection of the appliance to check that it meets current safety regulations, test the pressure and ventilation and tell you about any possible issues.


By carrying out frequent check-ups, heating engineers can proactively change any component of the boiler which looks like it is wearing, thereby extending the life span of the appliance and helping to mitigate ever-rising energy bills by ensuring optimum efficiency.





Safety Checks 

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